The Handlettered ABC Challenge

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We just finished the HandletteredABCs challenge, one letter a day for 26 days and boy was it more work than we thought! Above are all our letters from the challenge and we are so glad that we committed and stuck with it. Like we said in our IG post, here are a few things we learned (apologies for the repetition)…

  1. I could never do a 365 day challenge. 26 was long enough 😂
  2. Sketch it out! The power of the pencil is real people.
  3. Wait before you fiercely erase your sketch marks. Gotta love the smudged ink after spending way too much time sketching and drawing.
  4. Practice doesn’t make perfect letters but you’ll get pretty darn close each time.
  5.  Take RISKS! Don’t be intimidated and just start drawing. Something will come out of it. Maybe.
  6. You are more creative than you think. This is a big one. The hand lettered community is so positive and encouraging and I saw this even more with all the wonderful comments we received. After drawing a posting a letter that we thought was particular boring, our hand lettered friends would leave such wonderful words on our feed that we couldn’t help but be inspired for the next letter to come.


This challenge was definitely eye opening and pushed as creators and makers. In fact, we turned these fun and fancy letters into an ABC poster as part of our hand lettered series prints coming to the shop soon. Can you spot the letters we used?!

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