About Us


SIMPLEPRESS is a boutique “stay-at-home” design firm dedicated to helping clients with quick, quality, no fuss beautiful design work. Most of our talented designers are stay-at-home parents who want a flexible work option. We’re dedicated to giving you quality service at affordable prices and taking the stuffiness out of working with a design firm. Contact us today with your project description and we’ll get you a free quote!

What we are all about

100% Ego-free Design
Honesty and Integrity
Quick but quality work
No fuss, simply beautiful design work
Family oriented, our favorite designs are the ones involving big life events: weddings, births, and holidays–but we welcome any project



For Our Clients

We charge separately for printing.  If you would like to find a separate printer to try and save money or you just have one you like to work with, we can just do the design work and provide you with the files after payment is received.

Communication is key.  Clients who communicate clearly are able to have their designs done quicker, saving everyone time and money. We try to set up a system so that you have choices presented to you at the beginning if you’re not sure what you like but if you want to alter the look of the project significantly halfway through we will have to bill you for the current project and start the process over as a new project.  If you know what you want, please do your best to explain!  It will save us time and you money!